Business Spotlight: Stapleton Business Provides Motion Lights to Detect “Outsiders”

security lightsStapleton inventors Tom Ross and Mike Smith have had several ideas over the years from technology based things such as apps to improvements to simple household items such as fly swatters. “We have tried some crazy things,” admits Ross. “Some things, I think, still have a chance to catch on. But some of the stuff, looking back, really didn’t make any sense.” The two creators hold several brain-storming sessions a month, and a few months ago came up with their most recent idea.

“We were walking around late at night having some beers,” says Smith. “A lot of times we would walk by a house and a motion light would come on. It was kind of disruptive to our walk, and it is possible it was disruptive to the homeowners. And obviously, it was unnecessary. We are both Stapleton residents, so obviously, we are not out to rob or vandalize anything.” The two continued their walk, but changed topics to motion lights, and what could be done so that they could more accurately detect a threat versus an innocent local passerby. “We wondered, ‘could we create a motion light that would only light up if there was an actual threat,’” asked Ross. “At first, it seemed like it would be impossible, but we kept talking through it, and realized it could be done.”

The two began work the next day in Smith’s garage to design a prototype for testing. “It took a while to get things right,” says Smith. “We were in that garage probably 10 frustrating hours a day. But, there is a lot of testing and retesting, and testing, and retesting that needed to be done.” After about two months, their creation was ready for production. “We found a partner who would manufacture the motion lights, and we used a Kickstarter campaign as well,” said Ross. “We raised over $180,000, and knew there was a strong market for the product.” The two are currently calling the company “Operation Light Up.” “Right now, the technology is for Stapleton only, but if it is successful here, we will introduce it to other markets and neighborhoods,” says Ross.

The product will be available at the Stapleton Target as well as King Soopers, and will cost about $50 for one set of lights. The two are not willing to give away the technology secrets that make the lights effective. “There are a series of things that let the lights know if the person walking by is a Stapleton resident,” says Smith. “There is some facial recognition, but there is more than that. The other stuff we will keep close to the vest.”

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