Business Spotlight: Snow Shovel Your Way to a New You

snow way classLocal fitness entrepreneur Jim Barrett has been a member of several fitness clubs and groups and has even started a few. “I have done almost every fitness craze out there,” says Barrett. “From Bowflex to Zumba. There are lots of great ways to keep in shape. I am always just trying to stay on the cutting edge, and stay ahead of the game. That’s why I started ‘Snow Way.’ It is a revolutionary and unique way to get into and stay in shape. Not to mention, it provides a great public service.”

Snow Way is a new fitness group which uses snow shoveling to help members get the most out of their bodies. “Shoveling has always been a great way to burn calories,” says Barrett. “We are now taking it to the extreme, and turning it into a group exercise,” says the former owner of a Crossfit as well as a Thai Bow gym. Barrett says the class is for beginners and experienced shovelers. “If you have never shoveled before in your life, we will teach you the proper technique. The biggest thing is that we are trying to use strong technique to avoid injury. Some people feel they can just do a Snow Way type class on their own, but without the technique, injuries happen.”

Barrett says the class is offered several times a week, snow or shine. “Obviously, living here in Denver, there is not always snow to shovel,” says Barrett. “In those cases, we head to areas with lots of sand or dirt and we use that instead. Still the same technique.” Barrett says the classes also incorporate cardio, as shovelers do fun relays, sprints, and runs. “With Snow Way, you definitely get a total body workout. I know better than anyone that fitness crazes often come and go, but I feel strongly that the Snow Way workout is here to stay.” For more information on Snow Way classes and to offer up your block as a workout facility, go to

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