Business Spotlight: Moving Company Moves Residents from Old Stapleton Home to New Stapleton Home

Stapleton is growing again with the expansion of Bluff Lake and coming soon, Conservatory Green. With all these new builds, new residents are coming into the community, but many of the people moving into the new Stapleton homes are current Stapleton residents. “A lot of our clients are current Stapleton residents,” said real estate expert Jody Donley of New Perspective Real Estate. “They want to stay in the neighborhood, but are looking to get a bigger home, a home from another builder, or simply move to a different neighborhood within the community.”

That is where Stapleton Movers comes in. “We understand the Stapleton consumer,” said Stapleton Movers owner Eric Logan. “They want to get into their new place tomorrow, and don’t want to wait five days to get all their things moved over. We start moving people the day they can get into their new place.” Stapleton Movers saw their opportunity when they saw moving trucks from several different companies driving around the neighborhood daily. “We see all these different companies and we thought, ‘this could just be us.’” Stapleton Movers sub-contracts U-Haul trucks and keeps a truck on hand in case of emergency moves.

Stapleton Movers has the ability to do up to five moves a day if given enough notice. “People also need to understand that there are a lot of divorces in Stapleton,” said Logan. “These families still want to stay in the community and stay near their kids. So, we definitely get a handful of those moves as well.” Stapleton Movers has already moved over 75 families in the Stapleton community, and they expect that number to continue to grow. “We know a lot of Eastbridge residents are looking to get out of that area,” said Logan. “With the through streets and lack of town center, we have already moved a lot of folks out of there.” For more information on Stapleton Movers, go to

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