Bus Strike Cripples Walking Community

The recent school bus strike has caused problems all over the city, but no where has it caused more pain than the pedestrian-friendly community of Stapleton.  The “Far East of Denver” as it is known to many was designed specifically so that those living in the community could choose to walk their children to school or even ride bikes with them to school.  This was a great thing for the marketing material, but has never worked out in practice.  “It did sound cute and fun,” said resident Matt Colburn.  “But I forgot how busy I am, and how lazy I can be.  Every 15 minute minutes of my life is important.  I don’t have time to walk or ride with the kids all the way to school.”  Many in the community share this view point.  Nicole Porche mentions that the bus had been the best thing to happen to her in a long time.  “When I realized I could walk two blocks and drop my kid off at a bus stop, it really changed my life.  Now, I have time to go to Starbucks every morning.”  The strike has left residents with some difficult choices.  “Now I can either walk them the three-quarters of a mile to school and back, which would take about a half hour total.  Or, I can drive them, and get stuck in the school traffic jam for an hour and a half.”  Most parents appear to have chosen the latter.  The issue is already driving the political campaign.   Colburn vows to “vote for whomever will get these bus drivers back to work.  As far as I am concerned, that is the biggest issue going on in the city, or country for that matter.”  No one really knows or cares why the drivers are on strike, but it is very important to this pedestrian-friendly community that they get back to work very soon.

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