Boo at the Zoo to Add “Stapleton Day” Next Year

The Denver Zoo is a popular attraction for many Stapleton stay at home parents and nannies. For that reason, hundreds of Stapleton residents buy a yearly pass, and then spend thousands of dollars at the Zoo all summer long while kids are not in school. Stapleton residents also flock to the zoo for the special activities such as zoo lights and of course Boo at the Zoo. For this reason, the Denver Zoo wants to say thank you to Stapleton for all of their support.

“We know that Stapleton residents are a big part of our success here at the zoo,” said Denver Zoo spokesman Chris Leonhart. “So, next year we are going to give back to them. We know Boo at the Zoo can get a little crazy when we squeeze it in in just two days. Plus, we just get a little more riff-raff than usual. Next year, we are adding Friday as a Boo at the Zoo day, and it will only be for Stapleton residents.”

Next year, Boo at the Zoo will take place Friday through Sunday, with Saturday and Sunday being open to the general public. Friday will be a special Stapleton only day where residents will be required to bring an MCA card, or their ID with an 80238 ZIP code. Zoo-goers must also make sure to “look Stapleton” as well to make things easier on the Zoo staff.

“This is a great opportunity for our residents,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “We know this will be a great event for our residents, and we expect a tremendous turnout. The MCA looks forward to continuing to set up special “Stapleton only” days all over Denver, such as the Denver Museum, Monkey Bizness, Water World, and Boondocks to name a few.”

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3 responses to “Boo at the Zoo to Add “Stapleton Day” Next Year”

  1. Beau

    It’s about damn time we got the respect we deserve…Thank You, Denver Zoo!

  2. Lauren

    Privilege has its privileges.

  3. nd

    This is satire, and a joke! The Zoo isn’t really going to have a “Stapleton Day”

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