Black Out: EaWe Picks Up Pieces After Power Outage

At roughly 2:33 PM on September 30th, a nightmare occurred in the EaWe neighborhood of Stapleton that lasted for about three hours. Power was dead.  Flat screen TVs, iPad chargers, Nintendo Wii Systems, and automatic can openers all rendered useless. 911 fielded hundreds of calls in a matter of minutes from concerned residents. “We were very concerned about what authorities were going to do about the “Aurora problem,” said EaWe resident Jamie Cox.  “How safe were our families? Does power lock my doors or is my security alarm affected by this?”

Authorities did react quickly to the middle class voting community by quickly sealing off the streets of Havana from the south as well as Central Park Blvd.  “The safety of EaWe and the Stapleton community is our top priority,” said Denver Police chief Gerald Whitman. “We know that a lot of people in this community voted for and some even had yard signs promoting Mayor Hancock.”

Due to the quick actions of EaWe residents in calling the police, and the actions of the police themselves, no Aurorans made it into EaWe. There were reports of some Aurora hoodlums climbing the fence that is near the “future” 26th street park, but by then it was too late. Power was restored and the community was safe again.

In the end, no structural or property damage had been done, but strong emotional damage had set in. “There should be something in place regarding safety procedures if this happens again,” said Kate Swanson. “Do I contact my block captain?  My SUN rep? The police again?” The Stapletonion has learned through its sources that SUN has already formed a sub-committee to create a manual to follow if an emergency situation like this occurs again.

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