Aurorans Believe Havana Can Become Great “Get-a-Way Street”

Stapleton residents have strong feelings about Havana and Iola becoming through streets and connecting Stapleton directly to Aurora. Most are concerned with increased traffic, and drivers not obeying speed limits or being sensitive to the fact that lots of small children and dogs roam free in Stapleton. “How much closer can they really make Stapleton and Aurora,” asks angry resident Justin Marion. “Is it that big of a deal to go around and take the Bluff Lake route? It’s ridiculous.”

Aurora residents are excited about the new option to get back to Aurora. “I always end up going up Havana St.,” says Aurora resident Joni Meeter. “Then, I turn around and come right back down that one way street the wrong way every time. Now, I won’t have to look for signs and can just keep going straight home to Aurora.” Other Aurorans are seeing another benefit to the new access back home. “When you’re getting chased by the police, it is always nice to have options to get away,” said anonymous Aurora resident. “Right now, it’s kind of limited.”

Other Aurorans agreed. “I hate staying on the highway,” says another resident. “That’s easy for cops to track. Now, you can take the Havana exit, turn the lights off, speed through Stapleton to Aurora and be home safe and sound. Even if they do see you, they probably aren’t allowed to go on a high speed chase through Stapleton.”

The through street will continue to cause controversy but should be completed in the next six months. “I feel like my property values just went down 40%,” said Marion. “Eastbridge went from having a school and a town center to becoming an annex to Aurora. Unbelievable.”

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