Aurora Considering Ceding ‘Stapleton Aurora’ Over to Denver

aurora stapletonLess than fifty residents have moved in to the new development in Aurora between 26th and 25th Avenues, but city officials in Aurora are already having second thoughts about the development. “I guess we didn’t completely think it through,” said Councilman David Baldwin. “Maybe we were naïve in thinking that Stapleton problems would stay on the other side of the street. Unfortunately, we may have underestimated the power of the Stapleton brand.” From Baldwin’s perspective, once your neighborhood is named ‘Stapleton’ anything, you inherit the Stapleton attitude. “We believed that tagging the ‘Aurora’ on there would maybe bring them down a peg,” said Baldwin. “Unfortunately, it looks like we will be running into the same issues as Denver does. People complaining about every little thing, angry localized social media sites, and petty disputes amongst neighbors. This wasn’t what we signed up for. We thought adding some nice homes over here would be good for the City of Aurora. It appears it could be detrimental.” Councilman Matt Crum says he foresaw some of the pitfalls of the development and urged the city to take his recommendations seriously. “First of all, we didn’t have to use the same name,” said Crum. “We should have gone with my first choice ‘the Stanley Neighborhood.’ Would have given us our own identity. Secondly, I wanted to choose from some other builders that may have distinguished us a bit. But, here we are.”

Officials in Aurora are already getting complaints from ‘Stapleton Aurora’ residents about projects in the neighborhood including the park, parking, lighting, trees, and so on. “For a small number of residents, they are making a lot of noise,” said Baldwin of the newest members to ‘Stapleton.’ We know there are more units going to go in. As a city, we need to make some tough decisions and make them pretty quickly.” City officials are seriously considering giving ‘Stapleton Aurora’ over to the City of Denver. “It’s something we are currently in discussions with the City of Denver,” said Crum. “We don’t know yet how that would look, and what kind of implications it would have. But it is something we are considering.” Officials from the City of Denver say they will consider it. “It has to be the right deal,” said Councilman Alan Taylor. “We’re not just going to welcome a lot more Stapleton people into Denver free and clean. There has to be some concessions on their part. Would that be land somewhere else or cash? We’re not sure yet. But this has to be the right deal for the City of Denver.” Until a deal is reached, Aurora will be forced to accept new ‘Stapletonians’ as they continue to move into what should have been called the Stanley Neighborhood. There goes the neighborhood.

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