Aisle Maze at Eastbridge Soopers Completely Unappreciated

Aisle MazeThe Eastbridge Soopers has been open for roughly four months now, and overall, has received positive reviews. The biggest contributions of the Eastbridge Soopers is that it is close by to those living east of Central Park Boulevard and it has alleviated some of the crowding at the Quebec Soopers. “It’s nice to know you can get there in about two minutes,” said area resident Mitchell Nash. “I know the Quebec Soopers wasn’t that far away, but just thinking about crossing the Central Park intersection annoyed me.” The crowds may be a little better as well according to Michelle Lockie. “At times it can seem as crowded as the Quebec Soopers,” said Lockie. “But, the reality is, I never have a terrible time finding a parking spot and checking out is always considerably faster.”

Amid all the positive feedback of the Eastbridge Soopers including better selection, the deli, the sushi, and more organic choices, there is one design flaw shoppers are constantly complaining about. “Why did they have to hide the first six aisles behind the fruit and vegetable area?” complained shopper Kristin Boesen. “It makes no sense.” Chris Klein agrees. “It’s a goddam maze to get back there,” said Klein. “I’ve lost kids on the way back trying to get a simple loaf of bread. What’s up with that?” Mike Focht has experienced similar difficulties. “I spend most of my time when I’m going there trying to figure out the best route to get those aisles,” said Focht. “Should I walk around the fruits and vegetables, passed the bakery, and then turn left in to those first four or five aisles? Or do I walk to the end of the first ‘full’ aisle and turn right to get to those aisles? I’ve used GPS in trying to figure that mess out, but because of differing variables, it doesn’t seem consistent.” According to the Eastbridge Soopers Manager, the store is considering putting in arrows to help navigate to the first three aisles. “We know that has been a point of frustration for our shoppers,” said manager Zack Fobian. “We think some arrows may be helpful, so we are looking in to painting some in. You know, something similar to the gas line arrows at the Quebec Soopers.” Residents say they will continue to shop at the Soopers, but will also continue to cuss under their breaths knowing they need to circumnavigate a maze when trying to get a staple from one of the first several aisles.

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