26th Ave Park to be Named “Sidewalk Park”

sidewalk-parkAfter years of waiting for the 26th Avenue Park, progress is finally being made. Residents originally may have envisioned acres of green space with some play equipment for kids, but Forest City has made a few changes to those images. Of course, Fulton becoming a through-street has already chopped up a lot of that vision, and construction workers are hard at work doing…something.

“I live right across the street from ‘park,’” said resident Nick DeLay. “There is a lot of digging, and a lot of concrete being poured. I would have thought I would have seen a lot more leveling and planting. Where is all the green space going to be?” Other residents share the same concern. “What are they doing over there?” asked Jessica Elmore. “I don’t think I am ready to call what they are doing a park just yet. Has anyone seen the updated plans? It’s pretty hard to tell where they are going with this.”

Forest City President Phil Dargossi is asking residents to be patient. “We really think residents are going to love this park,” said Dargossi. “It’s still in the early stages, but the completed project is going to fit very well with the area.” Dargossi said that the park already has been named, and new signs will adorn the new park name at completion. “We decided to go with ‘Sidewalk Park,’ said Dargossi. “With all the gorgeous sidewalks already in, it seemed like a natural fit. Plus, we’re not really going to have a ton of green space there, with the cost of watering and all. But the unique shapes and directions of the sidewalks will really define this park.”

Residents in the area are not pleased. “I have been waiting for this for years,” said Megan Alger. “I thought I would be looking out at a beautiful, green park, with trees and open space. Now, just a bunch of concrete.” The park will not be ready for community use until spring ’15. “There is still a lot of work to be done,” said Dargossi. “They still plan to pour about 75 more tons of concrete, and we are considering adding a skate park as well. Really, we are open to anything that has a lot of concrete and no green.”

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