26th Ave Park. Completed to Forest City’s Satisfaction

The 26th Ave Park may not be what residents originally had in mind, but at this point, Forest City considers the job done and will no longer discuss the former project. Spokesman Janelle Ayers released the following statement from Forest City. “We have looked at several options in regards to the development of the 26th Ave. Park space. After careful consideration, Forest City believes that leaving the space as is will be best for the community, environment, and most importantly, Forest City.”

Residents are not satisfied with this final decision. “We were told there would be a beautiful green space for us to play with our kids, have picnics, and also have something decent to look at,” says 26th Ave. resident Kerry Miller. “It appears all they have done is build an incomplete fence and kill half of the prairie dogs.”

Forest City is not backing down on the finality of the park in its current state. “We think we went above and beyond with the fence,” says Ayers. “We even considered staining it. As far as the prairie dogs go, half were bound to live or die, so we can’t be held accountable for that.”

SUN President Mike Victoria has already received several complaints from concerned residents. “As soon as the information regarding the “completion” of the park went live on their web site, my email box was flooded,” says Victoria. “People are extremely disappointed, and strongly want Forest City to at least finish the fence.”

Forest City refuses to invest any more money into a project they consider “natural and beautiful” and has no plans to put any more money to this completed project.

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