2017 Stapletonion Bracket Challenge!–Winners Claim Your Prizes!

marchmadnesseventMarch Madness has come and gone, and again, I have squandered my family’s fortunes only to come up empty in all of my pools.  However, some of you did play big, and you need to step forward to claim your prize!



If you are in the top 16, please send me an email (stapletonion@gmail.com) so I can contact you and find out what you have available to choose from.

  1. Mike W.:  Jim ‘N Nick’s: $50 Gift Card
  2. Rhonda B.:  Stanley Beer Hall: $100 Gift Card
  3. Steve V.:  Colorado Beverage Company: $50 Gift Card
  4. Dennis D.:  Happy Bakeshop: Build a Happy Cake,  8″ two-layer birthday cake (feeds 25)
  5. Shane M.:  Etais: $25 gift card
  6. Carmen M.:  Colorado Beverage Company: $50 Gift Card
  7. Kristi A.:  Etais: $25 gift card
  8. Isaac J.:  Poppy & Pine:  Flower arrangement once a month for three months ($45 value)
  9. Nils S.:  Stapleton All Sports: Free mutli-sport summer camp
  10. Tim L.:  Camp Gladiator: One FREE 4 week Camp Gladiator boot camp (valued at $189) with buddy pass
  11. Karlyn T.:  Mici: 16″ XL Specialty Pizza & Bottle of Italian Wine
  12. Christine H.:  Mici: 16″ XL Specialty Pizza & Bottle of Italian Wine
  13. Travis B.:  Blue Creek: Gift bag with great skin care products
  14. Jason S.:  Yellowbelly: $25 Gift Card
  15. Frank M.:  Digstown: $135 Gift Card
  16. Andrea V.:

2017 Stapletonion Bracket Challenge Prizes

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