March 2011

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Havana Town Center “Coming Very Soon”

Havana Town Center “Coming Very Soon”

According to Forest City president, Phil Dargossi, the town center located on Havana and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd “should be coming very soon.” Dargossi went on to say that “we always knew that a car wash would be the thing that spurred the growth. The phones aren’t ringing off the hook yet, but we […]

Third School to be Built on Top of Second School

In a shocking, yet fair compromise, planners have decided to build the new elementary school on top of Westerly Creek Elementary. “After reviewing several, or at least a few of the proposals, this just seemed to fit everyone’s needs,” said lead designer/planner Ann Binghamton. “This solves our bussing issues, traffic issues, and still allows the […]

Rec Center Pool Wins Bid for 2016 America’s Cup

The world’s most popular, and possibly only, sailing race will be held inland for the first time in its 160 year history. “It will be a different type of challenge,” said BMW Oracle Racing Skipper James Spithill. “We appreciate the controlled environment the venue offers, and the area in which to navigate is simply massive.”

View of Jail Beautiful—Especially at Night

Residents in the North Central Park neighborhood get a nice view of the Denver County Jail on Havana. On a clear day, one can easily see the watch tower, the glistening barbed wire around the fence, and even the female inmates doing the lawn and other yard work. “I don’t mind it at all,” said […]

Eight Men Tearing Down Parking Garage “Taking a Break”

The eight men tearing down the parking garage are slowly making progress, but need a break. Foreman Dave Weber said, “this is a huge parking garage. There are only eight of us. It’s a lot of work.”