2010 Report: DontShakeABaby.com saves 326 Stapleton Babies

A 2011 study published in JAMA recently proved the effectiveness of the ground breaking web site DontShakeABaby.com. The study focused on the Stapleton community in Denver because of the unusual density of babies. Dr. Lyle, who conducted the study, conducted hundreds of interviews and psychological profiles of residents who have infant children. The results were as satisfying as they were shocking. “Had many of these residents not heard of or visited DontShakeABaby.com, this community could have had some real tough times,” said Dr. Lyle.

Residents are pleased with the knowledge this web site has brought them. “I never would have known that shaking something as delicate and tiny as a baby would be a bad thing,” said resident Steve Johnson. Other residents respect the overall legal implications of DontShakeABaby.com. “I was very frustrated with my crying baby,” mentioned Brian Buenger, “but when I went in to the nursery, I remembered that I had typed my name in on that web site promising never to shake a baby. I wasn’t about to break that legally binding document.”

Creators of DontShakeABaby.com, are already working on new projects to save more lives including:

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