Forest City on Affordable Housing: “You Were Serious About That?”

Forest City has long been criticized for not following through on its’ affordable housing plan laid out in the green book. At this time, they are only at half the percentage of affordable homes originally promised. “We will get there,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “You have to understand, we have only had ten years to get to the number. Give us another ten, and we will get there.”

Dargossi mentions that they have made an effort to put affordable housing in Stapleton, but the higher end homes bring in more money. “It is much better for us financially to continue to build upper income housing,” says Dargossi. “If there was only a way for us to make the same amount of money and build affordable housing, we would totally do it.” Forest City has made some efforts to create affordable housing in Stapleton which include:

Dargossi also mentions he did not feel the city felt that the affordable housing promises were sincere. “These contracts are a lot like wedding vows,” said Dargossi. “You have the best intentions when you say these things, but you know it’s not all going to work out perfectly.” Dargossi also questions whether affordable housing is something current residents would like. “Every time we even mention figuring out a way to cram in some affordable housing, the community wants to have 50 meetings about it. Almost as if they are filibustering our efforts to follow through.”

Dargossi says they will relook at the affordable housing plan, and see what immediate steps can be taken. “Now that we know that the city and some residents are serious about the community being diverse and having affordable housing, we will try to fulfill our original promise.”

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