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The Stapletonion has been featured in the following stories:
The Denver Post
The Westword (online)
The Aurora Sentinel (online)

Banner Ads
Advertisements on the Stapletonion are currently at 10, and will not exceed 12 advertisers for the current form of the publication.  Banners are randomly rotated any time a page is refreshed.  Ads are shown on every page for which a subscriber/visitor clicks.  Ads must be 160 pixels wide, and a maximum height of 270 pixels.  We take ads in almost any form (JPG, PNG, GIF and SWF).  The Stapletonion can also help you design your ad and will simply pass that cost along.

In almost five years (published March ’11), The Stapletonion has had over 230,000 visitors, roughly 450,000 page views and averages:

    • 1,000 visitors per week
    • 2,000 page views per week
    • Over 4,000 impressions per week for advertisers
    • Advertisers get between 50-100 clicks per month
    • over two pages per visit
    • 900 subscribers (free)
    • 1,700 Facebook fans
    • Based on Facebook statistics:
      • About 2/3 of “likes” are from women
      • 56% are between 35 & 44
      • 15% are between 25 & 34
      • 22% are between 45 & 54

For information on advertising and rates, please email The Stapletonion at with the subject “Advertise.”