2014 MCA Egg Scramble to Use Hunger Games Format

Egg ScrambleThe MCA has been putting on its annual ‘egg scramble’ for several years now, which continues to grow as Stapleton grows. “It is really a great event that we look forward to every year,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “It is so fun watching all of the kids run out there and grab the eggs. Just a really cute event.”

The issue with the event, however, seems to be the dramatically increasing numbers. “We simply have so many kids out there now,” says Kampstra. “Of course, we want every kid to get a couple of eggs, but we simply can’t guarantee that will happen, even if we put out 10,000 eggs. Some kids are simply going to get a lot, and others won’t get any.” Some parents don’t think that is a bad thing. “Stapleton is an uber-competitive environment,” says Stapleton mom Tracy Gates. “I don’t think having kids learn at a young age that they are all not going to get something is that bad. Life has winners and losers. What’s wrong with kids learning that at two or three?”

So this year, the egg scramble committee decided to put a new twist on the event. “With the continued popularity of the Hunger Games films, we thought we could do something cool with tying that in,” said Kampstra. “Obviously, we won’t have the kids fight to the death, but there will be some pushing, and potential for some Nerf arrow and sword injuries, but we expect these will all be minor, and worth it for the entertainment value.” Kids will be divided up into teams based on what part of Stapleton they live in. “The different territories of Stapleton made it easy to figure out teams,” said Kampstra. Kids will then be divided into age groups, 1-2, 3-4, and 5-7. Parents and kids will decide who they want to go “fight” the other kids in the age group, and the kids from each of the eight Stapleton boroughs will push, shove, dual, and shoot until only one kid is left not crying. Whichever neighborhood that kid is from, all of the kids from that hood get to run out and grab eggs while kids from the other neighborhoods watch. The process will be repeated for each age group.

“Unfortunately, there are only three age groups for eight boroughs,” said Kampstra. “So, not even close to all the kids will get an egg. “In fact, it is quite possible that one team will get to go out every time, but that is just how it goes.” Kampstra says that they will evaluate how this year goes, and then make necessary changes for next year. “We are hoping that the community has fun with this format,” said Kampstra. “We know we are going to lose some families with this new style, but honestly, we needed to weed out some of the kids anyway.”

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Parkwood Homes to Hold Black Tie Event to Introduce Townhomes for Rich White People

Parkwood HomesAs much as Parkwood Homes is known for its classic East Coast home designs, they are better known for the pretentious naming of their homes and collections. From the homes in their exclusive Nantucket Close, to their list of models including the Easton, the Chestertown, the Annapolis, the St. Michaels, and the Cape May among many others, Parkwood does its best to make sure only the best become owners of Parkwoods. “We are trying to attract an upper-class buyer,” says Parkwood Spokesperson Brittni Fitzpatrick. “We hope that we can essentially name people out of our homes before having to price them out. So far, we think our system has worked very well.”
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DPS to Add Extra “Rest Day” to All 2014-15 Breaks

DPSDenver Public Schools are not always the first to admit they made a mistake. In recent years, DPS has added an extra “travel day” so that when people schedule vacations around DPS breaks, they can have an extra day for a flight or long drive if necessary. “The extra travel day was a great idea because it can save people some money on flights if they come back Monday instead,” said DPS spokesperson Stacy Hetland. “Where we made a mistake was not adding another day. So, we are changing that for next year.” Hetland says that next year, DPS will add another day off which will be considered a “rest day.” “Everyone is using that travel day these days. So, going right back into school is tough. Now, there will be one more day so that people can decompress from their vacations.”
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Stapleton Home Business Owners Enjoy Life, Hate Taxes

home businessesThe home business owner is a big part of Stapleton. From realtors, architects, lawyers, sports programs, and technology companies, Stapleton has a tremendous number of small businesses. One of the stresses for these business owners is simply keeping their businesses afloat. But the biggest stress is figuring out when they are going to find time to golf, go to baseball games, have early happy hours with friends, and hike. “It is really hard keeping a schedule,” says local business owner Tom Fisher. “I mean, I’ll have a golf game scheduled, and then all of the sudden, someone calls me and has baseball tickets. It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes.”
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Stapleton MCA: Fountains on Green to Remain Open to Public

fountainThere is chatter from Stapleton residents every year around the fountains on the green and whether or not non-Stapleton residents should be able to enjoy them. “I think the fountains should be meant for Stapleton residents to enjoy,” said Stapleton resident Nicole Christin. “After all, it’s our money running that thing.” Christin explains that many times outsiders overrun the fountain so residents cannot enjoy relaxing in peace or even have their own kids play in them. “Almost every time we are up there, my kids don’t get a chance to play in the fountain,” says Christin. “I really don’t trust these non-Stapleton kids, who aren’t even being supervised.”
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Easier, Twins or Regular Siblings? Stapleton Residents Weigh In

twins or regular siblingsIt’s no secret that when it comes to comparing Denver neighborhoods, Stapleton is the ‘king of kids.’ Stapleton has several families who have adopted kids, others who have multiples, and of course, some single child households and then many households who boast two, three, and four siblings. Everyone knows that raising kids is hard, but what type of household is the hardest? Stapleton has dozens and dozens of families with twins who believe they have it the most difficult. “It starts when they are babies,” said Stapleton resident with three year old twins Cindy McCoy. “We have to get their timing figured out with feeding, sleeping, and then taking them anywhere. It is just terribly difficult. Then, as they get older, they fight or throw fits at the same time. I love my kids, but I definitely think it would have been easier on us if we had them one to two years apart. I am so jealous of those non-twin people.”
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2014 Stapletonion Bracket Challenge!

march madnessIt’s all over! Now, we need your prize choices. Thank you all for participating. First place, Christi S., chose a free Stapleton All Sports multi-sports program. Please contact us if you are in the following group. Thank you!

Zach Bisek
Ryan Hayes
Beau Olivere
Nils Satterstrom
Michael M.
Chris Leding
Michelle Lazar
Sara A.
Craig Lyle
Evan Fauerbach
Tony Ferrufino
tim brown
Megan Y.
johnny futbolhiro
Michael Tognetti

2014 Stapletonion Bracket Challenge Prizes

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